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Invitation to fill in the Questionnaire

来源:海南国际仲裁院 发布时间:2022-07-05 17:06

Aiming to build the framework of guidelines that can be generally applied under the PRC jurisdiction, to help arbitral institutions, arbitrators, parties and their representatives clarify the scope of disclosure in relation to arbitrators’ conflicts of interest, and to protect the legitimacy and promote the certainty and efficiency of arbitral procedure, China Academy of Arbitration Law (CAAL) starts the research on “Conflict of Interest and Challenge System for Arbitrators”, a priority research of CAAL in 2022.

The following questionnaire is designed for our research. In view of the international influence of you and your institution, we sincerely invite you to fill in the questionnaire and forward the questionnaire to relevant organizations or individuals. The questionnaire is valid until the end of 2022. However, for the sake of periodical report, please try to submit it by 20 July 2022.

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