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Hainan International Arbitration Court (HIAC)

 Arbitrators Training Session


Professional arbitrators are the key to improve the efficiency and quality of arbitration cases,In order to enrich the knowledge of arbitrators, enhance the professional level of arbitrators, improve the quality and efficiency of arbitration cases, and ensure the credibility of arbitration bodies, HIAC plan to organize an arbitration training, and arbitrators are cordially invited to attend.

I. Date and Time

08: 30-12: 20 (GMT+8), 4 June 2023(Sunday)

II. Training Arrangement

08:30-08:35 Address by Chairman WANG Xuelin

08:35-10:05 Lecture by Prof. LIU Junhai, Renmin University of China

                  Hot and Controversial Issues on Adjudication of Corporate Law Cases

10:05-10:20 Tea Break

10: 20-11: 50 Lecture by Raymond Zhu, Senior Partner, Dentons Beijing

                      Latest Developments and Case Study on the Adjudication Rules for Financial Cases

11:50-12:10 Interaction

12:10-12:20 Summary by President Alex Fan Hoi Kit  

Moderator: LIU Juan, Deputy Director of HIAC International Mediation Center

III. Trainees

All Arbitrators and Staff

IV. Manner and Training Venue

Manner of Training:

On-Site + VOOV+ Online Live Broadcast

(I) Training Venue:

Harmony Hall, 3rd Floor, International Academic Exchange Center, Hainan University, 58 Renmin Avenue, Meilan District, Haikou City, Hainan Province, China.


You may click on the link or enter the webinar ID and password to attend.


Room Number: 779-912-624

Password: 860898

(III) Online Live Broadcast:

You may click on the live broadcast link or scan the live broadcast QR code to attend the meeting.



V. Language

The language of training is Chinese with simultaneous English interpretation provided


Thank you for your great support for Hainan Arbitration! 


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