The Board of Directors shall perform the following duties:

(1) Formulation and amendment of Articles of Association, the rules of the other forms of dispute resolution rules;

(2) To determine president and vice president of HIAC;

(3) Examination and approval the establishment, alteration and dissolution of special committees or profession committees, and decide on the members of the special committees or profession committees;

(4) Establish a panel of arbitrators, decide on the appointment and dismissal of arbitrators and other dispute resolution experts;

(5) Examination and approval of annual work report and financial budget (final account) report;

(6) Examination and approval of plans for the establishment and change of internal organs, branches and scale of employment;

(7) Formulation important rules and regulations, including but not limited to arbitrator remuneration system and staff employment management and remuneration system of the execution body;

(8) Supervise and urge the work efficiency and work outcome of the executive organs and conduct work performance appraisal for the President and vice-president of the HIAC;

(9)Other important duties.