The Hainan International Arbitration Court International Mediation Center is established by the Hainan International Arbitration Court on 1 June 2020 in the context of implementing the requirement of No. 12 Central Court for "supporting the establishment of international dispute mediation institutions and other diversified dispute resolution institutions" and the important instruction of General Secretary Xi Jinping for "putting non-litigation dispute resolution mechanism at the forefront" to serve the legalization, internationalization and facilitation of the Hainan Free Trade Port and promote the establishment of a diversified commercial dispute resolution mechanism, and has its office address at 11/F, Penghui International Building, 20 Heping Avenue, Haikou and Hainan Province.

The Mediation Center shall conduct business both at home and abroad and accept contract disputes between natural persons, legal persons and unincorporated associations as subjects with equal status and other disputes over property rights and interests. Either party or both parties concerned, no matter whether there is an arbitration clause or not, may apply to the Mediation Center for mediation prior to the arbitration or before the litigation. The Mediation Center may also accept the entrustment of a people's court or any other institution to mediate the disputes over civil and commercial correction within the scope of case acceptance.

The mediation rules of the Mediation Center shall be formulated according to the advanced concepts of well-known arbitration institutions abroad as well as the experience of advanced arbitration institutions in China. It is imperative to fully respect the mediation willingness of the parties concerned, simplify the procedures, and simplify, simplify and be flexible for the convenience of the parties concerned.

Making reasonable charging standards for mediation. With a view to encouraging mediation and alleviating the burden on the parties concerned, mediation fees for all the cases for which the parties concerned apply for mediation shall be charged at half of the charging standards for arbitration fees set by the Hainan International Arbitration Court. Where the mediation is successful and the parties voluntarily apply for confirmation of arbitration, the case shall be converted to arbitration procedures; where mediation is unsuccessful, the mediation fee paid by the parties in advance shall be refunded to the parties in addition to payment of remuneration to the mediator and other reasonable expenses.

High standards of appointment of mediators. In order to meet the needs of domestic and international commercial mediation business, the Hainan International Arbitration Court has established a mediator team with a wide coverage, strong business capabilities, rich experience in handling cases and fine division of labor according to the requirements for specialization, internationalization and facilitation. The Mediation Center currently has an initial pool of 346 mediators selected from among the HIAC arbitrators. Of the mediators appointed, 265 are from China and 81 from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and overseas, and they are located in 28 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America and Oceania. They are 244 persons for legal practice, 51 persons for teaching and research, and 51 persons for economy and trade. Doctoral degree 98 people, Master degree 147 people, 101 people with bachelor's degree. The professional types cover many fields such as law, economy and trade, finance, intellectual property, maritime affairs and maritime commerce.

Mediation Center since its inception, is committed to business development work. Firstly, we have accepted more than 10 mediation cases, involving purchase, sales, loans, services and many other types, and many cases have been successfully and rapidly concluded. The number of cases with intent to apply to the Mediation Center for mediation is increasing. Second, they should actively establish coordination mechanisms for litigation, arbitration and mediation with people's courts and other agencies. Thirdly, we should cooperate with international commercial mediation institutions at home and abroad, establish friendly relations, learn from the advanced practices and useful experiences of international commercial mediation institutions at home and abroad, and improve and perfect the working mechanism.

With the development of Hainan Free Trade Port, the Mediation Center will take positive actions, dare to take responsibilities, and uphold the concept of "incorruptibility, fairness and efficiency" to provide first-class and professional legal services for parties at home and abroad and assist Hainan Free Trade Port in accelerating the formation of a unified, open and efficient market environment.