Consensus on International Commercial 

Arbitration of the Board of Directors 

of the Hainan International Arbitration Court

 (Haikou, China August 25, 2020)


Hainan International Arbitration Court (hereinafter referred to as HIAC), the only international commercial arbitration institution in the provincial territory, established by the People's Government of Hainan Province in accordance with statutes as  a statutory body for the public interest. HIAC adopts a corporate governance structure led by the Board of Directors and operates independently as a non-profit legal person.

On July 6, 2020, the People's Government of Hainan Province appointed11 well-known figures, namely ZHANG Yuejiao, HUANG Jin,  LIU Jingdong, YIN Tian, WANG Qi, ZHANG Xiaohui, Johan Achiel ERAUW, Michael HWANG, Benjamin HUGHES and FAN Hoi Kit Alex as members of the First Board of Directors of HIAC. The first meeting of the first Board was held in Haikou on August 25, 2020. The Board approved in principle 12 documents and motions and reached significant consensus on the development of the work pertaining to international commercial arbitration.

I. The Board of Directors will, in accordance with the Articles of Association and the Rules of Procedure for the Board of Directors, play an active role in fulfilling its objectives and duly perform its duties, to guide and supervise the standardized operation of various work of HIAC, deploy and utilize the relevant social resources and powers, facilitate the building of international and advanced commercial arbitration institutions, and strive to create a new era for HIAC.

II. HIAC is committed to enhance the standard of professionalized, standardized and internationalized services, giving full play to the unique and important role of arbitration and mediation in resolving commercial disputes, so as to provide quality and efficient arbitration, mediation and other legal services for creating a law-governing, internationalized and facilitative business environment for the Hainan Free Trade Port (FTP). 

III. HIAC is committed to promoting the reform and innovation of the arbitration system, summarizing the practical experience in arbitration in China, based on the experience borrowed from the advanced systems of international arbitration, and continuously refining and perfecting the arbitration system fulfilling the needs of the construction of the Hainan FTP,accommodating the requirements and trends in arbitration development in the new era, so as to provide independent, impartial, professional and efficient legal services for commercial entities domestic and overseas.

IV. HIAC will strengthen the team-building of the arbitrators,mediators and case managers, enhance the quality of arbitration secretarial services, refine the compositional structure of arbitrators, and enhance the quality of arbitrators, create synergy of domestic and foreign arbitrators, take full advantages, in terms of resources, out of our global coverage of arbitrators, and properly play the role in building a legal think tank for the Hainan FTP.

V. HIAC fully respects the standard practice of international commercial arbitration and insists on laying a solid foundation for development and gives top priority to the quality of case handling. HIAC constantly regulates the management of arbitrators and case management process, improves the quality of arbitration, enhance HIAC’s credibility and social reputation and earn international recognition.

VI. HIAC will actively and steadily push forward the internal management system reform, stimulate the vitality of arbitration, achieve market-oriented and law-governing management, and comprehensively establish a management system of high efficiency which conforms to the standard practice for international commercial arbitration, and which shares the attributes of openness, compatability, strong flexibility.

VII. HIAC will actively establish a highly open foreign exchange mechanism, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign high-end forums such as the Boao Forum for Asia, academic and research institutions, international arbitration organizations and overseas arbitration institutions, and actively participate in the exchanges and research about international mediation, international arbitration and the relevant rules, so as to enhance the international awareness and influence of Hainan arbitration.

VIII. HIAC will strive to bring into full play the role of arbitration in promoting international exchange, enhancing trade activities, and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of parties, building fair and open cooperation with other arbitration institutions over the world, establishing and improving regional platforms for international commercial dispute resolution, and providing quality and efficient legal services for the foreign enterprises coming into China as well as the Chinese enterprises going abroad.

IX. HIAC will, pursuant to the requirements of the Overall Plan for Hainan FTP Construction, strengthen communication and cooperation with courts and other institutions, establish a healthy and comprehensive mechanism of coordination for mediation, arbitration and litigation as well as smooth communication channels in order to establish a diversified dispute resolution mechanism for the Hainan FTP.

X. HIAC will, together with other arbitration institutions domestic and abroad, jointly promote Chinese commercial arbitration, tell a good story of Chinese international commercial arbitration, and enhance the international credibility, influence and discourse power of Chinese commercial arbitration.



                                                                                                                                Board of Directors

Hainan International Arbitration Court