Hainan International Arbitration Court (the "Hainan Arbitration Commission") (the "HIAC") is the only civil and commercial arbitration institution in Hainan Province established by The People's Government of Hainan Province in accordance with the law on May 21, 1996, and the only inter-provincial arbitration institution outside the four municipalities directly under the Central Government nationwide. On July 29, 2018, the Hainan International Arbitration Court was officially set up and implemented the operating mechanism of "one set of stuff and two brands" with the Hainan Arbitration Commission. HIAC has General Offices, Case Manager Office I, Case Manager Office II and development division, as well as such branches as Sanya Branch, Danzhou Office, Financial Arbitration Center, Maritime Arbitration Center and Tourism Arbitration Center.

The HIAC has a total of 60 staff members, six of whom were senior judges, six who have eight or more years of legal practice experience, three who are senior arbitrators, 25 who have the legal profession qualification and 35 people with a master's degree or above.

The HIAC currently has 664 arbitrators, 222 of whom are foreign arbitrators, accounting for one third, and is located in 40 countries and regions. More than 20 languages can be used to hear cases. Master's degree or above accounts for 70%. It is specialized in more than 30 fields including real estate, international trade, maritime affairs and maritime trade, equity and financial and securities.

HIAC has always adhered to the idea that "impartiality and independence are the life of arbitration" and adhered to the core value of "incorruptibility, impartiality and efficiency". In 2013, the number of accepted cases exceeded 1,013; and in 2016, the dispute amount of cases exceeded CNY10.7 billion, ranking in the forefront of national arbitration institutions.

On February 11, 2019, the Hainan Provincial Committee for Comprehensively Deepening Reform deliberated and adopted the Administrative Measures for the Hainan International Arbitration Court (the "Hainan Arbitration Commission") (the "Administrative Measures"), which are the first provincial normative document released separately to an arbitration institution in the country, and serve as a new starting point for the management of arbitration in Hainan Province in accordance with laws and regulations. The Measures specify that HIAC is a statutory body for public welfare and operates independently as a non-profit legal person, and implements the corporate governance structure with the Board of Director at the core; in particular, overseas directors account for one third, fully reflecting the independence and internationalization of HIAC.

In May 2019, the HIAC will be awarded the honorary titles of "Ten National Institutions" and "Ten Best Institutions for Foreign-related Services" in respect of China's second-round evaluation of arbitration credibility.

Along with the construction and development of the Hainan Free Trade Port, the HIAC will aim to build itself into a first-class international arbitration institution, constantly improve its credibility and influence, provide "independent, impartial, professional and efficient" arbitration services for parties at home and abroad, and help the Hainan Free Trade Port accelerate the formation of a law-based, international and convenient business environment and a fair, open, unified and efficient market environment.