Materials to be Submitted for Arbitration

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Materials to be Submitted for Arbitration


1 Certification of the qualification of the party

Provision of resident identity card or other identification documents by an individual → Provision of registration certificate, business license, legal representative or

Identity certificate of the responsible person

2 Arbitration agreement or contract with arbitration clause; and

Bring the original for check

3 Request for Arbitration

The application form shall set out the information of the parties concerned, the arbitration request and the facts and reasons on which the application is based.

Individuals shall sign on the record

Legal persons or other organizations shall affix their official seals

4 Power of Attorney

The entrusted matters and the specific scope of authority should be listed, the signature or seal of the authorized person should be affixed, and the date of authorization should be indicated.

Provide the identification materials of the entrusted representative

5 Evidential Materials

List of evidence that shall be provided

All the evidence shall be numbered on the page and be given a serial number, and the name, facts and source of the evidence shall be specified.

6.  Other materials that the parties consider necessary to submit

The following materials shall be submitted in quintuplicate for all cases for which general procedures are applicable; in the case of Expedited procedure (cases for which the amount in dispute does not exceed RMB 2 million), the materials shall be submitted in triplicate; where there are more than two parties concerned, the corresponding additional copies shall be submitted on the basis of the aforesaid provisions.