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Wang Qi

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Prof. WANG Qi (LL.D.), born in September 1967, is the dean of Law School of Hainan University, the Chief Expert of Major Bidding Project of National Social Science Fund of China. He also serves as a director of the China Law Society, a standing director of the China Civil Procedure Law Research Society, a chairman of the China Pacific Society Natural Resources Law Research Branch, a chairman of the Hainan Provincial Copyright Association, a member of Committee on the Internal and Judicial Affairs of the Hainan Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee, and so on. His main research areas include civil procedure law, judicial system and arbitration legal system. Prof. WANG has published more than 50 academic papers, more than ten books as the chief-editor or a co-author, for example, On the Civil Trial Management, and edited two textbooks for the 21st Century Planning of Law Teaching Materials, including The Principle and Practice of ADR. Moreover, Prof. WANG presides over 12 provincial and national subjects: his course of Civil Procedural Law is recognized by the Ministry of Education as the National Excellent Course for Sharing. He has won one first prize, two second prizes and one third prize for outstanding achievements in social sciences in Hainan Province. What is more, he is bestowed various titles and honors, such as Excellent Experts with Outstanding Contributions for Hainan Province, Talents in Hainan Province and Excellent Teacher of Baogang Foundation.