Scope of Accepted Arbitration Cases and Transaction Process

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Scope of Accepted Arbitration Cases and Transaction Process

Scope of accepted arbitration cases

The Arbitration Commission shall accept the applications for the hearing of contract disputes and other disputes over property rights and interests between natural persons, legal persons and other organizations who are equal subjects domestic or foreign related:

1 disputes over real rights, such as disputes over real estate registration, protection of real rights, ownership, usufructuary rights, and secured real rights;

2 commercial contract disputes, such as disputes over commercial residential building sales contracts, contracts for the sale of goods, contracts for construction projects, loan contracts, auction contracts, leasing contracts, work contracts, guarantee contracts, transportation contracts, safekeeping contracts, warehousing contracts, commission contracts, service contracts, performance contracts, etc.;

3 disputes over intellectual property contracts, such as copyright contract, trademark contract, patent contract, trade secret contract, technology contract, intellectual property pledge contract, network domain name contract and other disputes;

4 maritime and maritime disputes, such as ship sales contracts, ship repair contracts, ship financial leasing contracts, ship contracting contracts, ocean shipping container leasing (custody) contracts, tally contracts, ship agency contracts, etc.;

5 disputes related to enterprises, such as contracts for lease and operation of enterprises, contracts for joint operations, Sino-foreign joint venture (cooperative) contracts, contracts for division of enterprises, contracts for merger of enterprises, etc.;

6 disputes related to the company, such as the confirmation of the qualification of shareholders, equity transfer, capital contribution of shareholders and resolutions of the company;

7 civil and commercial disputes relating to securities, futures, insurance and bills, such as disputes over confirmation of securities entitlements, securities trading contract, securities investment consulting contract, futures brokerage contract, futures guarantee contract, civil (public welfare) trust contract, property (life) insurance contract, insurance premium contract, insurance agency contract, bill guarantee contract, bill agency contract, L/C negotiation contract, L/C assignment contract and other disputes;

8disputes over contracts for international import and export trade and the international sale of goods;

9 Disputes over civil and commercial contracts between other equal subjects.