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Hainan Free Trade Port Quality Migrant Admission Support

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Hainan Free Trade Port

 Quality Migrant Admission Support


(一)  对高层次和急需紧缺人才的入境便利化举措

Facilitation measures for admission of high-level talents and talents in short supply.



Foreign talents who meet the foreign high-end talent (ClassA) standards required by Classification and Standards for Foreigners Working in China (Trial) can work in Hainan and enjoy the foreign talent visa application policy (Category-R visa).


2. 海南经济发展急需紧缺的其他外国人才,可享受外国人才签证(R字签证)、工作许可和停居留等便利政策,并在工商、税务、保险等方面享受便利服务。

Other foreign talents working in sectors where there is a short supply and urgent need of such talents for economic development could apply for the foreign talent visa (R visa), workpermit, and enjoy favorable stay or residence policies, as well as other facilitation services in business approval,taxation and insurance.


3. 海南重点领域、行业引进的高级技术和管理人员、急需紧缺专门人员和科技创新团队成员等,可凭相关材料在口岸申请签证入境。

High-level technical and management personnel introduced tokey areas and industries in Hainan, specialists in urgent need and members of sci-tech innovation teams could apply for the visa with relevant materials at entry ports of Hainan.



Expansion of visa-free scope in Hainan and adjustment of the duration of stay


1. 扩大免签入境事由范围。在59国人员入境海南旅游免签的基础上,以商贸、访问、探亲、医疗、会展、体育竞技等事由入境海南可享受免签政策。

Expanding the scope of visa-free entry - On top of offering visa-free entry for traveling, people from the approved 59 countries could also apply forvisa-free entry with the purpose of commercial activities, visit, family reunion,medical treatment, exhibitions and conventions, sports events, etc.


2. 调整免签停留期限。免签入境人员享有30日以上的停留期限。海南省将实行国别免签停留政策,对不同国家人员适用不同的免签停留期限。

Adjustment to the visa-free stay duration - Those who hold a visa-free entry into Hainan could stay for more than 30 days. Hainan will apply a differentiated visa-free stay policy for people from different countries.



Expanding the visa-free entry application channels. The preliminary visa-free application platform will be improved in order to standardize the application information, and allow foreigners visa-free entry through self-application or invitation and reception by localentities, instead of relying on invitation and reception by travel agencies.