The New Version Official Website of Hainan International Arbitration Court Has Been Launched!

来源:海南国际仲裁院 发布时间:2020-07-17 20:15

The new version official website of Hainan International Arbitration Court has been launched!


The new website of HIAC is designed for providing high-quality, efficient and convenient services to the concerned parties and arbitrators, and for transmitting the first-hand information about arbitration and mediation to the public. It aims to provide quality legal services for the legalization, internationalization and facilitation business environment of Hainan Free Trade Port, and presents new functions and features in the following four areas:

First, new website incorporates the remote case filing and other intelligent office modes innovatively with 18 functional labels, such as "About HIAC", "Arbitration Guide", "HIAC International Mediation Center", "Arbitrator" and "Service Hall". It has more complete and comprehensive contents and diversified information to the public with new functional tabs such as "Board of Directors" and "Access to Hainan FTP" in conjunction the new situation and changes of HIAC.

Second, the new website has been launched the English version to demonstrate philosophies and goals of HIAC on impartiality, efficiency, professionalism and integrity to both domestic and international users.

Third, the classification and setting of functional labels and sub-categories are more precise and scientific. The amount of information and timeliness of the column are greatly improved. It would be easier for different groups of people to access it quickly according to their needs. The quality and efficiency of the service is greatly improved.

Fourth, the layout design is novel and beautiful, concise and generous, highlighting the innovative image of HIAC.

The first meeting of the First Board of Directors of HIAC is under intense and orderly preparations, at which a batch of new important documents and systems will be adopted upon deliberation. Relevant contents will be published on the new website promptly.

Stay tuned for more exciting contents!