HIAC Adopts Six Measures to Provide ADR Service in Consumer Expo

来源:海南国际仲裁院 发布时间:2021-04-26 09:57

HIAC Adopts Six Measures to Provide 

"Mediation + Arbitration" Service 

throughout the First China International 

Consumer Products Expo


From May 7 to 10, the first China International Consumer Products Expo (Consumer Expo) will be held in Haikou. As the sole commercial arbitration institution designated by the authorities officially, The Hainan International Arbitration Court (HIAC) will provide "Online + Offline", "On-site + Off-site", and "Mediation + Arbitration" legal services in a full range duratively.


The Consumer Expo is a global platform for showcasing and trading of international consumer products, involving domestic and international enterprises in a wide range of fields including exhibition canvassing, exhibition layout, trade, transportation, and comprehensive services, including 648 international enterprises from 69 countries and regions and more than 800 well-known domestic enterprises. As an international multilateral economic and trade exhibition, commercial transactions and cooperation in a wide range of areas, the requirements for foreign-related legal services are high.


Arbitration is a dispute resolution method with international acceptance, which is highly suited to the needs of international exhibitions. It has the unique advantages of professionalism, efficiency, flexibility, confidentiality and international recognition. It plays an irreplaceable role in the construction of business environment. As the sole civil and commercial arbitration institution in Hainan Province, the HIAC has 971 arbitrators and 345 mediators, including Shen Sibao, Philip Yang and other internationally renowned arbitration experts. The arbitrators and mediators are located in 38 countries and regions all over the world, covering a wide range of fields, and can meet the needs of multi-level and multi-domain commercial dispute resolution. The Arbitration Rules and Mediation Rules of HIAC are drafted with international standard, which will provide the first-class dispute resolution service to Consumer Expo.


To ensure the smooth and orderly progress of the Consumer Expo, the HIAC gives full play to the unique advantages of commercial mediation and arbitration, and launches six measures: (1) setting up a one-stop service center for commercial mediation and arbitration at the venue of the Consumer Expo, and selecting senior arbitration and mediation experts and staff to station in the exhibition hall to provide on-site consulting and guidance, case filing, mediation and arbitration services; (2) setting up a "24-Hour Arbitraion + Mediation One-stop Service Window for the Consumer Expo" on HIAC official website, and providing online consulting, case filing and other services; (3) setting up an International Commercial Mediation & Arbitration Expert Service Group, compiling the Arbitrators Panel and Mediators Panel for the Consumer Expo, and providing highly professional and accurate online and offline "Mediation + Arbitration" services; (4) taking the initiative to visit and survey exhibition participants in various aspects, such as exhibitors and consumers, so as to accurately connect with each other to understand their demands, and providing door-to-door mediation and arbitration services, and sending publicity materials to targeted audiences; (5) strengthening the liaison and coordination with all the security working groups of the Consumer Expo, relevant provincial departments and municipal (county), cooperating with the completion of relevant work tasks, and timely reporting any major events to the Organizing Committee; and (6) after the end of the Consumer Expo, continuously providing online and offline "Mediation + Arbitration" dispute resolution services for various contractual disputes and other commercial disputes that may occur subsequently in relevant commercial activities.


The HIAC will take the first Consumer Expo as an opportunity to thoroughly implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on "insisting on upholding the non-litigation dispute resolution mechanism", focus on the overall situation of the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port, innovate the "Mediation + Arbitration" dispute-resolution mechanism for exhibitions, and serve the construction of a law-governing, internationalised, facilitated business enviroment of the Hainan Free Trade Port.